Photos of my Honda CX 500, transforming into a No Name Rat Bike
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Owner: Louis, Bike: Honda CX 500, 81', Place: 2400 Copenhagen NV

Sunday 14. september 2008, my rat with the prize I won for "Best Detail" on the back

Rat.Ralf and I saturday 13. september

Dennis, George and I with my prize for "Best detail"

"The detail"... a rat on hinges at the top of my vertical sidepipe, when I speed up,
the rat raises.!!

Saturday 13. september played a little with spraypaint and stencils
applied "Biohazard" logo to my side bags, Neuclear, rat and rat attack stencils on the windshiled + on the sidepipes

Thursdag 11. september, the day of departure for RATLAND 2008,
mounted two saddels from a 1950 (USSR) Ural

Mounted two sidepipes from a VW Polo with vertical pipes

Added car tire to the gas tank top, the front and back fender,
BMX rubber to the trip bar and handle + rearview mirrors

All flat black 9. june 2008

First coat of flat black paint for body + black heatresistant paint
For engine and exhaust, 4. june 2008.

Rack stripped off, Honda signs and rearview mirrors dismounted, 31. may 2008

Bought 27th may, registered 29. may 2008

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